Eurobasket 2023

Eurobasket 2022 bets

Together with Lithuania, Spain stands out in the role of luxury cover in the Eurobasket 2022 forecasts, without underestimating the role that teams such as Italy or Turkey can play. Germany, Croatia or the Czech Republic can cause headaches for the favourites, but if they were in the final stages it would be a surprise.

As for Spain, they are backed by their status as world champion and a decent role in Tokyo, as well as by having participated in all the top 4 since 1999, playing 6 of the last 10 finals and winning 3 of them. In fact, the Spanish are the most successful (active) in the Eurobasket.

  • Spanish odds @17.00
  • Italy @17.00
  • Türkiye @19.00


Eurobasket 2022: Where is it and when is it played?

Eurobasket 2022

Eurobasket 2022 will have 5 venues divided into 4 different participating countries. Which will be?

  • Mercedes Benz Arena (Germany)
  • Lanxess Arena (Germany)
  • Forum Mediolanum (Milan)
  • Arena O2 (Czech Republic)
  • Tifilis Arena (Georgia)

The matches will take place from September 1 to 18, 2022.

Eurobasket group stage predictions: Competition format

The Eurobasket competition format is group phases, with 4 groups of 6 teams. The top 4 of each, 16 teams in total, will advance to the knockout stage. What are the groups?

  • Group A: Spain, Georgia, Bulgaria, Belgium, Montenegro and Turkey
  • B Group; France, Germany, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, Lithuania and Hungary
  • Group C: Italy, Greece, Ukraine, Croatia, Estonia and Great Britain
  • Group D: Czech Republic, Poland, Serbia, Finland, Israel and the Netherlands

In each of the groups there is an organizing country, which will play as hosts.

Tips for betting on Eurobasket 2022

betting on Eurobasket

The trick to betting on Eurobasket is mastering the predictions. Relying on competitive statistics and breaking news is essential to take advantage of the odds, not only the winner, but also hitting scores, handicap or handicap ranges in bets, etc. What to look out for?

  • Moment of form: Compare what the teams have done in the last games. Wins and losses, as well as point ranges in which they usually move. Also look at the level of the rivals to maximize the reliability of the predictions.
  • Match History: See if the combos you’ve faced have met recently, and from there you can get some interesting extra stats. The great difficulty here is that it is plausible that some teams have not seen each other for a long time.
  • News flash: In basketball, there are only 5 players on the court. What does this mean? An injury or absence for any reason can be very decisive. It would be foolhardy to ignore this information.

With all these Eurobasket predictions under control, there should be no secret to shining in betting. Enjoy the event to the fullest (in moderation)!

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