Absolute Super Reels slot

Absolute Super Reels slot

Absolute Super Reels Slot is an online slot machine that offers the experience of a physical machine but from the comfort of a computer. This game has been designed by online casino software providers: Isoftbet. These developers are characterized by the creation of very varied games in their themes and designs.

With this slot, Isoftbet presents a game that somehow pays homage to physical slot machines and at the same time adds a modern touch to it. Absolute Super Reels slot machine is a versatile slot machine that can be defined as the path to the evolution of these games of chance.



The Absolute Super Reels slot machine presents an aspect that mixes tradition and creativity in a very well balanced way. On the reels, we will find traditional symbols of this game: the 7, bar and the logo of the game. However, in the rest of the game screen we will find the touches of creativity with the style of the buttons, the lighting and the design of the typography.

The game sounds like a land-based slot machine should, especially in the typical sound of the reels moving and the small impact that is heard when they stop. These are details that Isoftbet has taken very good care of.

This game is compatible with all operating systems and does not require special computer requirements. To access this game you only need to use a browser.



Absolute Super Reels slot machine has 3 reels, plus two bonus reels and 5 pay lines, with a variety of possible combinations to win. On the two added reels, the user can get bonuses that will improve their winnings: additional amounts, free spins and multipliers.

To bet, there is a fixed amount of 75 credits, but the user can select the value of the credits between €0.01 and €1. The minimum bet amount is €0.75 and the maximum is €75 in the same play.

This game has a return percentage of 95.5%, thanks to the breadth of options to generate excellent profits. Therefore, this game is highly recommended for those people who want to generate profits from the comfort of a computer and with little effort. To do this, the player can subscribe to the betting platform and start enjoying the welcome bonuses.

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