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What are the best cards in poker?

In this sense, the best hands are those with higher cards, combinations with paired cards or cards of the same or consecutive color. They are the ones that give you options to already have an advantage (pairs in hand) or link monsters as a three of a kind, full house or poker, as well as that the combinations you achieve have an advantage (high cards). Obviously, consecutive cards and the same color open the door to straights or flushes.

Best poker hands

If you want to master the strategy for playing preflop, with only two cards in play, this article on poker hand ranges has it covered. Beyond this, these are some of the best duos you can find in your day-to-day gaming.

AA: The best Hold’em poker hand could not be without nicknames. “The rockets” or “the vowels” are some of them. But above all “the American Airlines” as a reference to the initials of the North American airline.

AK: The Americans call it “big slick”, something like the “big slip”. Because it is a very good hand (the 4th best preflop) but it can give us great trouble. She is also known as “Anna Kournikova”, in reference to the pretty tennis player because she tells the malicious people that she is very pretty but she never wins anything. Hands like AQ or AJ have similar but less power.

QK: Seeing this type of poker hands made up of a queen and a king, it was almost inevitable that someone would baptize it as “marriage” but without a doubt one of the nicknames popularized and extended by Juan Manuel Pastor, a benchmark for poker broadcasts in our country, has been the one of “the mussels”. Alluding to CUCA, the famous brand of preserves.

Treacherous poker hands

Treacherous poker hands

These are seemingly good Holdem poker hands, but they can play tricks on you. They are playable poker hands, they are not cards that you should discard yes or yes, but each one in its context and moment.

A+Low Card: A Holdem poker hand that includes the strongest card comes with great responsibility. A novice player this hand, because he’s going to be impressed right off the bat when he sees the ace. You shouldn’t demonize that hand, as it can be played in certain contexts, but you shouldn’t treat it like an AK or AQ. The main dangers of this poker hand are facing an opponent with a higher A. It is good when we have a good position, little stack or in late game situations, such as heads-up.

The hooks (JJ): It is a good hand, one of the best poker hands that we will normally play and win, but if we take into account how the other players perform. It’s a very powerful Holdem poker hand preflop, but it gets weaker as more cards come up. If we see an A, K or Q among the community cards and a high stakes game is in progress, we should be able to get out of the mess in time.

QK: Was this not good? The QK hand carries a danger similar to any hand that includes two different (non-A) face cards: JQ or JK. Especially if they are the same color. They are very good types of hands, but the fact of seeing two letters can make us overexcited and lead us to think that we have an invincible hand, and it is not so. If you get reraised preflop (especially conservative players with lots of spread chips), fold. Otherwise, an AA, AK, KK, or even QQ will do a lot of damage to you.

Analyze each poker hand in its moment

Analyze each poker hand

And beyond this? With experience, it is found that a 2-7 is much worse than a 4-5. A 2-7 wins by high card, but a 4-5 (we don’t even talk about whether they are the same color anymore) open up the possibility of a straight, for example. This also explains why lower pairs can be played if a high amount is not called. Not because you think a 2-2 is a winning hand, but because it can get you closer to a set of threes, or you can hide a two pair well by doubling down on a community card. Now, if you see 5 cards that don’t match you, those ducklings are probably worth little to you.

This explains the power of an A-K or A-Q as well. Even if they are not strong partners, you will have a clear advantage over your rival. If you both hit the same thing, you will always win. If no one links, you win by high card, if you both have a pair, you will have the highest pair. If there is color, your color will be the winner. Now, playing an A-K if you don’t hit is not the most desirable. But we will no longer teach you this in this guide, you will learn this with advanced poker strategies and going down to the arena.

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